Mobile Event
Rating System

A Sketchy User Experience Product

The Mobile Event Rating System

Allows users to...

Locate vendors, bands, and activities on a map

Use the search field to find what you're looking for and then view it's location on the map.

Rate vendors, bands, and activities

After eating something delicious or enjoying some great entertainment rate it. What'dUThink

See what others have rated a vendor in Real-Time

Make informed decisions about wha food you'd like to try or what activities you'd like to attend during the event. What'dUThink

Record memorable items

Add itmes to your list of favorites where you can take notes and email them to yourself at the end of the event. What'dUThink

Sketchy User Experience

At Sketchy User Experience we believe that all new or redesigned software applications should first be brought to life with a simple sketchy prototype. What'dUThink was no exception. we went through several iterations of prototypes before we reached a product that's easy to use and intuitive.

  • When it comes to software, the user's experience is the number one priority
  • 10 years of Software Development Experience
  • Believe in working with the client to achieve the best possible product



ATTENDEES Benefit by...

  • • Having a great user experience while being able to quickly and easily find vendors
  • • Seeing how others have rated items allowing them to make informed decisions on what to try
  • • Emailing their favorite vendors and bands to themselves for future visits
  • VENDORS/BANDS Benefit by...

  • • The stickiness of their brand to the attendees
  • • Earning notoriety as the #1 most liked vendor/band at the event
  • • Receiving feedback through ratings to gain an understanding of what people like
  • VENUE Benefits by...

  • • Gaining the ability to see what vendors/bands to use in future events based on ratings
  • • The potential for additional compensation from "Featured" vendors/bands
  • • Add a fun and exciting new element to an already fantastic event
  • It's Responsive

    Responsive now a days can mean different things. We've got them all covered.

    Your Data in Cloud

    What'dUThink is hosted in the cloud and can be scaled up on a schedule to meet the needs of any event.

    Device Agnostic

    What'dUThink has been developed to run on the latest and greatest devices. Whether you're on a tablet, mobile phone, IOS, Android, Windows we've got you covered.

    Single Page App

    What'dUThink is a Single Page App or SPA. Data is pre loaded allowing user to feel as thouh they never have to wait, and there's never a page refresh.



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